Be a competitive kid. Advantages and disadvantages

Be a competitive kid. Advantages and disadvantages

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Competitiveness helps us outdo ourselves, to improve in certain areas, but as long as it is not lived as something obsessive. So is being a competitive kid good or bad? The answer is that it is good in its fair measure, provided that it is not obsessive for the child.

It is important to develop in children the ability to overcome difficulties, overcome themselves, and solve problems, as well as learning from one's own mistakes. But you also have to teach them to enjoy what they do, that you can't always win or be the best at everything.

We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of being a competitive child.

The feelings of competitiveness in children, we can see them clearly in their games and the sports they play, but also in schoolwork (assignments, exams ...) Children who get angry for not winning a game or a race or for not having obtained an A are extremely competitive kids, in which this feeling can lead to problems.

Overly competitive children evaluate their results in terms of all or nothing, or win or lose, and this can cause serious problems for the child, such as:

- Low self-esteem.

- Stress.

- Low tolerance to frustration.

Extreme concern for perfection. For example, they need to always get good grades, (a good is not enough), or they can reject tasks in which they feel that they will not be successful, and thus avoid failure.

A positive competitiveness It is the one in which the child assumes that mistakes are not bad, but that they teach us to improve ourselves, and that we do not have to strive to always win, but to improve and to try to do things. It is necessary to educate children in effort and in enjoying what they do, and not so much in always winning or in being the best in everything.

It would be important to develop positive competitiveness in the child through:

- Compare yourself with yourself and not with others. There will always be someone better than you, but the important thing is to surpass yourself.

- Value the effort and not only the result.

- Promote attitudes of cooperation and help to others.

- Teach him to learn from mistakes, and not to 'punish' yourself for them.

- Enjoy what they do, regardless of the result.

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