Pets, children's best friends

There is a phrase that sums up well the desire of children to have and live with a pet: 'all children should have two things: a dog, and a mother who lets them have a dog'.

It is not necessary that the chosen animal is precisely a dog, it is just an example, each family must choose the companion animal that they like the most.

Many experts agree that it is proven that children who have a pet are more balanced, resistant and tolerant than those who do not. They learn to relate to others and take responsibility. educate children to like animals. They are born with a natural sympathy for them, a sympathy that grows or diminishes throughout life, depending on the influence adults exert on them.

Parents, as educators of our children, must foster a love for nature and doing so also means motivating children's interest in animals and educating them to respect and treat them responsibly.

There are few things so beautiful throughout the day than seeing how the dog is happy to see the children when they return from school. He jumps, flutters, gets on his feet, licks them ... in short, he organizes a whole party around him and they have fun playing with him. It is wonderful to attend these happy and pleasant experiences. On the way home, they enjoy thinking about the animal that awaits them and that they consider to be their best friend.

In gratitude for all that we receive from pets, in the World Animal DayWe all want to thank their fidelity and nobility that increase our humanity, considering them our peers, and as Saint Francis of Assisi called them, our 'brothers'.

And it is that October 4, has been instituted for the celebration of World Animal Day, in commemoration of Saint Francis of Assisi, considered as the first human who conceived himself in relation to all created things, and who considered Regardless of the difference, we are all God's creatures including all animate and inanimate reality.

In 1929, October 4 was declared World Animal Day at the initiative of the World Organization for Animal Protection at the congress held in Vienna, and in 1980 Pope John Paul II declared him Patron of Animals and Ecologists , moment from which this celebration takes more boom worldwide, being celebrated in many countries with the Blessing of Pets.

World Animal Day is the international name of this event that transcends borders, politics and religion and that unites all people who care about animals. Exhibitions, fundraising for animal shelters, outreach to nature schools and more are the activities that will be held in many countries.

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