Childish story. Juan without fear

Childish story. Juan without fear

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Everyone, at a certain moment, feels fear, to a great or small extent, and of different things, situations or people. It is an emotion that teaches but that must be controlled and stopped to prevent fear from becoming a problem.

Fear is one of the children's feelings that most worries parents. This tale of Juan without fear, It is an example that you can overcome your fears. An ideal story to encourage and help children overcome their fears.

Once upon a time, in a small village, an elderly father with his two sons. The oldest was a worker and filled his father's heart with joy and satisfaction, while the youngest only gave him annoyance. One day the father called him and said:

- My son, you know that I do not have much to leave your brother and you, and yet you have not yet learned any trade that will serve you to earn your bread. What would you like to learn?

And Juan replied:

- Many times I hear stories that speak of monsters, ghosts, ... and unlike people, I do not feel fear. Father, I want to learn to be afraid.

The father, annoyed, yelled at him:

- I'm talking about your future, and do you want to learn to be afraid? If that's what you want, then go learn it.

Juan gathered up his things, said goodbye to his brother and father, and started on his way. Near a mill he found a sacristan with whom he struck up a conversation. He introduced himself as Juan Sin Miedo.

- Juan without fear? Strange name! - The sacristan was surprised.

- You see, I have never known fear, I have left my house with the intention that someone can show me what it is, - said Juan.

- Maybe I can help you: They say that beyond the valley, far away, there is a castle enchanted by an evil wizard. The monarch who rules there has promised the hand of his beautiful daughter to the one who manages to recover the castle and the treasure. Until now, everyone who tried fled scared or died of fear.

- Maybe, maybe there I can feel the fear - Juan encouraged himself.

Juan decided to walk, he glimpsed in the distance the tallest towers of a castle in which no flags were flying. He approached and headed for the king's residence. Two royal guards guarded the front door. Juan approached and said:

- I am Juan Without Fear, and I wish to see your King. Maybe he will allow me to enter his castle and feel what they call fear.

The strongest accompanied him to the Throne Room. The monarch laid out the conditions that other candidates had already heard: if you manage to spend three nights in a row in the castle, defeat the spirits and return my treasure, I will grant you the hand of my beloved and beautiful daughter, and half of my kingdom as a dowry .

"I appreciate it, Your Majesty, but I only came to find out what fear is," Juan said.

"What a brave man, how honest," thought the king, "but I already have little hope of recovering my dominions, ... so many have been those who have tried until now ..." first night in the castle. He was awakened by an impressive scream.

- Uhhhhhhhhh! - A dark specter glided over the ground without touching it.

- Who are you, that you dare to wake me up? asked Juan.

A new yell in response, and Juan Sin Fiedo covered his mouth with a tray that adorned the table. The specter was mute and melted into thin air. The next morning the sovereign visited Juan Sin Fiedo and thought: "It's just a little battle. There are still two nights left."

The day passed and the sun went down. Like the night before, Juan Sin Fiedo was getting ready to sleep, but this time a terrifying ghost appeared and roared: Uhhhhhhhhhh! Juan Without Fear picked up an ax that hung from the wall, and cut the chain that the ghost was dragging the ball. Not being restrained, the ghost rose and disappeared.

The king visited him at dawn and thought: "None of this will have served if he does not repeat the feat once more." The third evening came, and then night. Juan Sin Fiedo was already asleep when he heard a creepy mummy approaching. And asked:

- Tell me what reason you have to interrupt my sleep.

Not answering, he grabbed one end of the bandage and pulled. He removed all the bandages and found a wizard:

- My magic is not worth against you. Set me free and I will break the enchantment.

The entire city had gathered at the gates of the castle, and when John Fearless appeared the sovereign said: "I will keep my promise!" But the story did not end here: one day when the now prince was sleeping, the princess decided to surprise him by giving him a fish bowl. But he stumbled when he bent over, and the contents, water, and fish fell onto the bed that Juan occupied.

- Ahhhhhh! - Juan exclaimed when he felt the fish on his face - Spooky!

The princess laughed seeing how some simple goldfish had scared the one who remained impassive before ghosts and appeared: I will keep your secret, said the princess. And so it was, and He is still known as Juan Sin Miedo.


(A Grimm Brothers Tale)

1. What did Juan say to his father when he asked him what he would like to learn?

2. What did Juan do when his father told him to go away to learn?

3. Where did Juan go to learn to be afraid?

4. What did the king fearlessly propose to John?

5. How did Juan fearlessly achieve his purpose?

6. In the end, did Juan learn to be afraid?

7. What did you like most about this story? What have you learned?

Childhood is a very stimulating stage but at the same time full of fears for children. Fear of sleeping in the dark, fear of taking their first steps, fear of strangers, fear of being without a mother, fear of nightmares ... The role of parents in this stage of fear is very important because they are the ones who they can help children face their fears. How? We tell you in just 5 tips:

  1. Build trust between parents and children
    If a child gains confidence in his parents, all teaching will flow more easily. It is necessary to create an open channel of communication so that children can tell their fears and fears to their parents. By sharing their fears, children will ease their fears and make it easier for them to overcome them. Listen to your children, have patience and empathy.
  2. Discover the source of fear
    It is important that parents look for the source, why their children are afraid to understand them. For example, if the child is afraid to go to school, it would be okay to talk to his teacher to better understand this fear. If the child is afraid of sleeping alone, it would be good to find out why. Is it that he needs some light, is it that some doll scares him, is it that there are noises in his room that you could remove it?
  3. Understand the fear of children
    Never make fun of children's fears. Fears are part of children's development. Therefore, you should never belittle or ridicule them. That will not help your child in any way, it will only aggravate the situation because it will add mockery to the fears.
  4. Play with fear
    There are situations that can help children cope with fears. The game is one of them. For example, play to find things in the dark, watch some scary movies (as long as it is not at bedtime), tell scary stories. Having fun with the fear of the characters can be a way to dismantle fears.
  5. Be an example for your child
    Tell your child about your experience of fear when you were little. And tell him how you have managed to overcome those fears. Teach your child that everything passes, that everything is a stage, and that challenges are there to make us grow. Facing fears with strength, courage and joy will help your child learn to overcome their fears, more with your example than with your words.

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