3 children's poems about animals to promote the pleasure of reading

3 children's poems about animals to promote the pleasure of reading

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On our site we have gathered 3 children's poems about animals. They are short stories in verse written by the poet Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a so that you can read to your children before bed or during a pleasant afternoon of reading.

Animals are the protagonists of fables, stories and poems and it is that, attributing human qualities to puppies, mice, elephants or lions helps children to dive into a world of endless fantasy and creativity. They are resources that parents can use to promote the pleasure of reading in our children.

The bunny saw it

from the green meadow,

by a large fireplace

a gray smoke came out.

And since I was cold

there he went to warm up,

next to the flames of the fire

at his feet he went to lie down.

A very warm time

without moving almost anything,

there he fell asleep

on a golden carpet.

But when he woke up

with a surprised face

a girl with two braids,

in her arms she rocked him.

It seemed very small

grabbed him by the ears,

and then gently

stroked her head.

The scared bunny

I had already warmed up,

and from an unexpected jump,

from his arms he escaped.

A cricket was singing

I grew up very happy,

looking at the moon

in the sky.

Cri cri sang to him

"you are the prettiest",

and the moon laughed

next to the stars.

Cri cri sang to him

"you are so Beautiful"

and the moon was shining

believing herself goddess.

The lizard danced,

the flower played the drum,

and an elephant sang

with its speaker horn.

They looked at the little birds,

also a mouse looked

and a grateful spider

enthusiastically clapped her hands.

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