Ideas for exercising with your baby

Physical exercises that the mother can do with her baby after delivery


Pelvic exercises are used to strengthen the pelvic floor, which after delivery is in poor shape. That's why your baby's help will come in handy: place it on your hips while lying on your back, flex your legs and raise your pelvis, you are sure to make your baby laugh with experience!

Weights are not just for dads, moms also have to be strong and fit. You don't need to buy one, lifting your baby (carefully!) Is sure to help you exercise, and you can also use some bottles of water. The important thing is to practice, you will see how your baby will also acquire more strength and precision every day.

Yoga is a great exercise for mothers and children, and you can start practicing it with your baby as early as pregnancy, and of course during the postpartum period. Yoga techniques not only improve strength and flexibility, they are also relaxing and ideal for fostering the bond between mother and baby.

To refine and stylize the waist, the lateral stretches are essential. Sitting, put one arm over your head and bend at the waist to get closer to the ball of your foot. Leave your baby sitting between your legs and hold him with the other hand, it is a good way to keep track of the reference, and helps the baby improve his ability to sit.

The knees support the weight of the body, and suffer greatly during pregnancy from weight gain. Take care of them and at the same time strengthen your abs with this fun exercise. Lie on your back, with your legs bent, and place your baby on them, holding his hands. By stretching and bending your legs, your baby will feel like they are flying!

Place your baby on the mat, face up. Get at his height by placing him between your arms, with your palms on the ground. Support the balls of your feet, put your body straight ... and start going up and down! To reward yourself for each push-up well done, when you go down give your baby a kiss, surely there is no greater prize possible.

The back is one of the areas most abused by pregnancy, a frequent source of pain and discomfort due to the weight of the belly. To avoid injuries and strengthen it, it is advisable to do specific exercises, stretching and many massages. Let your baby's weight help you stretch your back a little more.

To lose your pregnancy belly and get back a firm abdomen, there is nothing better than a good set of abs. If you place your baby close, it will help you with their smiles to be more motivated than ever to continue a little more.

If you have an exercise ball at home, not only can you practice Kegel exercises, which are very useful for recovering the pelvic floor, but they are also great fun for your baby. Always with caution, try some exercises using the ball and you will see what results.

When starting an exercise, the most important thing is to stretch properly, especially postpartum, since we will start exercising after a few weeks or months, and we must prevent injuries. Your baby's flexibility is sure to encourage you to push yourself to reach your feet.