Benefits of playing outside with children

Society is changing and it is up to us to take advantage of those things that benefit us and curb the possible consequences of negative changes. It is a fact that children tend to stay at home in their leisure time and that more and more they prefer to have fun with the console or the computer before going out.

The dangers of security Those who may face in the street are not an excuse to keep children locked at home watching television. We want to recover children's games in the street because they provide many benefits to both young and old.

We tell you what the benefits of playing outside with children.

Children and babies should be in contact with the street and also with nature so that they learn to interact with the environment that surrounds them from a very young age. In this adventure of playing outdoors they do not have to be alone, but it is much better to share the games as a family. Because the benefits of playing outside are many.

- Exercise. Playing outdoors prevents childhood obesity, an increasingly common disease in this sedentary society that we are creating for our children. Turning off the television, getting up from the sofa and going out to skate or play ball, for example, are highly recommended activities for the whole family.

- Creativity. There is no doubt that outdoor games enhance children's energy, but also their creativity. The surprise factor it is decisive in the games that take place in the street because the whole environment cannot be controlled. This favors the imagination and the development of creativity in children, who have to sharpen their ingenuity much more than in home games.

- Autonomy. In addition to being more creative, children who regularly play outdoors are more autonomous and independent. This can cause more than one doubt to the super protective parents, is one of the fundamental tools with which children will know how to deal with problems and find solutions for themselves.

- Social relationships. Many times we have spoken of the need to promote social relationships among children. Lonely and shy children can find a good stimulus to develop their social skills in these outdoor games if we introduce it to them as a regular routine.

- Family junction. In addition to the benefits for children, playing outside is one of the best forms of family bonding. Unforgettable moments shared by the whole family where we dedicate to our children the best that we can dedicate to them, which is time and quality care.

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