Do you have burnout or burnout syndrome?

What mother has not ever felt exhausted, desperate, stressed, overloaded ... on the verge of exploding? Educating and caring for children can lead to a mother being physically and emotionally overloaded, especially if she spends the whole day with them. This sensation already has a name, it's called burnout or caregiver syndrome. It had been applied normally to the burned worker, but more and more it is used to refer to the stress of moms and also dads.

The maelstrom has no end And any mother and father knows that multitasking is part of the daily routine from first thing in the morning. We are like the goddess Shiva, we have hands for everything: with one hand we wash, comb and dress them, with the other we prepare breakfast and help them to eat it, the third is to prepare everything necessary for school and do not forget the fourth, which is the one that puts them in line in front of the door at the indicated time. They all arrive shiny and well prepared at school but you arrive at work and realize that you have forgotten to comb your hair or are wearing your shirt inside out.

How can we not feel burned when we don't have time for ourselves? Sometimes all the tasks related to children, home and work do not leave us even a free minute a day. Not even for that sudden reverie moment that invades every human being. Well no! When you are already imagining yourself sunbathing on the beach while the sea breeze caresses you, a voice is heard: 'mamaaaaaaaa, pedrito has hit me.

The burnout syndrome goes through: isolating yourself socially from your environment, having difficulty concentrating, sleeping poorly, losing interest in things that used to fill you up, feeling stress, anxiety, change in appetite, having a feeling of helplessness ... I don't think it is necessary to say more, yes, fathers and mothers are burned, And what do we do to solve it?

- DelegateA: it is the key word, that we are heroes and heroines is already a fact, of course !, but it is not necessary to go overboard either. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness and can relieve our daily tasks. Letting grandparents, uncles, friends or caregivers take care of the children for a while a day or a week in order to have time is essential.

- Keep in touch: social isolation is nothing positive. Now with technology it is not difficult to have a chat, even if it is virtual, with our old friends. But if we can also leave the children with someone close to them for coffee, this supposes an incredible recharge of batteries.

- Reserve some time for yourself: being a mother or father does not mean ceasing to be a person. Try to save some time, no matter how small, for that favorite hobby, be it reading, doing yoga, or taking a walk in the rain.

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