How to pack the children's suitcase and have everything between you

There is nothing more exasperating, when the holidays arrive, than trying to take half the children's room inside a suitcase that measures only 55 X 40 cm, those of hand luggage for the plane. T-shirts, swimsuits, flip-flops from the beach, sports shoes, toys, diapers, stories, pants, and more spare pants because I don't plan to wash during all the holidays ... The fact is that there was no trip that did not end up jumping like a possessed on top of the suitcase trying to close the zipper.

This method that I found has made my life improve considerably, at least as far as prevacational stress is concerned. I wake up happier every morning knowing that I will fit everything in my suitcase of the girls and that I have the game won before the luggage openers at the airport, ha, they will never see such a perfect suitcase!

The fact is that I am going to give you some simple tricks to consider before explaining how to pack the children's suitcase and get everything in between.

Remember that these tips are for children's suitcases, but that you can also apply them to pack your suitcase.

1- Make a list so you don't forget anything: I will summarize some things that you should bring if you are going to travel with the children, in addition to clothes: diapers, a case with paintings, a blank notebook, night light, a sleeping doll, a toy, a bag of dirty clothes and little bags of dog poop for vomiting from dizziness, or poop if the child has just dropped the diaper.

2- If there is something that occupies a lot, and that you have no choice but to carry in your suitcase, such as your coat, it is best to buy one of those vacuum packaging bags, in which the air is removed with the vacuum cleaner, and thus it is squashed.

3- The best toiletry bag if it is transparent, so that you can clearly see what you have inside without having to open it, in the event that your suitcase is opened at the airport. The shampoo and gel bottles are better if you transfer them to a smaller bottle. Remember that on the plane they don't let you carry the big boat, and also if you leave for a few days you won't need everything either. Better if you introduce it in a transparent and closed bag, in case it comes out and all the child's clothes get smeared with the pressure of the plane or because of the delicate treatment they give to the suitcases at airports. The hair ties, pins and clips I put them in a small taper so as not to have them scattered all over the bag. And, it is always better to have two small toiletry bags than one large one that will hold half a suitcase.

4- If you need any thing does not wrinkle Because you are going to your aunt's or grandmother's wedding, you should always put it on top, and if possible use the trick of wrapping it with onion paper, you will avoid many wrinkles.

5- The belts They are spread out around the suitcase, which is where they occupy the least.

6- And, regarding the shoes I have to make a clarification. Your child does not have to be like Imelda Marcos, who had more than 3,000 pairs of shoes at home, it is enough that the child takes 3: some slippers for home, some flip flops for the pool (I sometimes wear flip flops at home and save a couple) and some Sneakers to walk. All put in plastic bags to avoid staining clothes and separately. We can put them around the suitcase, by the edges, or in the second compartment, in case you have been free.

7- Now let's make a kind of package with all the clothes. On a large place, such as the bed, we put the jackets first, with the sleeves extended, but in the opposite direction. they must coincide at the shoulders. Then the long-sleeved shirts, and then the short-sleeved ones. Everything always in the opposite direction. Next, we put the pants on their side, facing each other at the hips, and finally the underwear in the center, better if it goes in a bag. Now we begin to fold the clothes into a package, tucking the edges, until we form a single package. This should fit in a part of the suitcase and still have space to put all those items that we have mentioned before such as the toiletry bag, shoes, gels, toys ...

Some people take advantage of shoe holes to tuck in their underwear, but I sincerely choose not to, as some kids have a smell on their feet, and I prefer that that smell just stay there

How do you see the magic exists. And, after this you can go calm knowing that you have the best suitcase of the whole plane, even if they open it for you. The return is something else.

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