Palatine Onesiphora. Story for children about original names

Palatine Onesiphora. Story for children about original names

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Have you ever met someone with a funny or very curious name? On our site we introduce you to Onesífora Palatina, a spider that lived in a mailbox. Do you think it's a weird name? Well, she knows others as much or more strange. This is a children's story about original and funny names that will make your child laugh.

Hundreds of people passed by and, the mailbox, seemed invisible to everyone's eyes, nobody noticed it despite having a bright yellow color, that is why the Palatine Onesiphora spider thought it would be the perfect place to install its burrow and live quietly.

One day when the spider was quietly resting, something fell on its head. She complained annoyed and discovered an envelope with block letters. As she was a very cultured spider and knew the lyrics, she read:

- Placido Domingo Bello - what an original name she thought funny, and saw that the envelope was empty.

Onesiphora Palatina was doubtful. Could it be that they had already discovered his hiding place? That night he couldn't sleep.

Over time he got used to it because, although spaced apart, empty envelopes with different names were arriving at the burrow:

Margarita Hermoso Prado, León Manso Cortés, Blanca Limón Rosa, Azucena Ramos Silvestre, Valle Montaña Nevada, Pío Pequeno de Fe, Albino Blonde Hair, etc.

Onesífora Palatina read carefully, very entertaining, without being able to believe it.

- Wow! This place is not as quiet as I thought - thought Onesífora Palatina, but she decided to stay because she discovered, amused, that she had settled in the mailbox with the envelopes of curious names and, hers, did not detract from anything in that place. If he ever got tired of living there, he would move into a lonely phone booth.

It is not worth just reading the story, it is also important that the children understand it. To help them, we propose a series of reading comprehension activities:

  • Do you remember the name of the spider?
  • Where did our little protagonist live?
  • What did he get from time to time?
  • Where had he thought of moving if he ever got tired?

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