Starfish. Children's tale about personal acceptance

Starfish. Children's tale about personal acceptance

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The stories transmit great lessons to our children, through fables or stories, children can learn about the most important values, about how to behave with others or about how to be better people.

Through this children's tale with a moral, Estrella de Mar, children will learn how important it is to accept and love oneself in order to be loved. A children's story about personal acceptance, to reflect on the importance of having confidence and self-confidence.

Estrella de Mar was in love with Pulpo and for that reason, she began to be seen much more in that tropical neighborhood with the intention of conquering their three hearts. Octopus was good, handsome, and had strong tentacles, but although he passed her continually, he never noticed her.

One day Estrella de Mar put on a beautiful colored dress that fit her very well, she really was beautiful, all her friends told her, but she did not look good and, Octopus, swimming with her squid friends among the ivy I look.

Another afternoon he went to the hairdresser and left there with a braid hairstyle that all his friends liked very much.

- You look gorgeous - they all said at once, but, Estrella de Mar, she never looked pretty and, although Octopus passed her by playing with her cuttlefish friends, he didn't even notice her.

Then Estrella de Mar, advised by a conch shell, went to give singing lessons with a whale but, after a few days, believing that it was very out of tune and that it was not singing well, despite the requests of its teacher, it stopped attending classes.

Days later advised by a mere started learning to dance And, although she had a great time in class, as she was very shameful and she thought she was doing it very badly, she stopped attending dance classes.

At night, at bedtime, Estrella de Mar thought that Octopus was never going to notice her and she suffered because, until that moment, had not conquered any of their three hearts And although she tried with all her might to forget about him, the reality is that she couldn't.

One morning Estrella de Mar decided to ask the moon for advice, everyone said of her that she was good, understanding and very intelligent. He waited impatiently for night to come and when he came out, he headed for the shore so that he could see her well.

- Hey moon! - He yelled, here! Can you help me?

The moon immediately saw Estrella and replied:

- Tell me Estrella, what do you need?

Estrella de Mar then told him how in love she was with Pulpo, everything she had done to conquer their three hearts and how bad she felt about herself.

The moon listened patiently to Estrella de Mar and said:

You can never make Octopus fall in love as long as you are not able to love yourself. Reflect on what I tell you and start to change your attitude.

Estrella de Mar was very quiet and spent the whole night thinking about the words of the moon without being able to sleep.

The next morning, he told his friends what he had discussed with the moon, and they all agreed with his wise advice.

Estrella de Mar then seriously thought about everything that had happened and began to love herself more.

One morning she woke up very happy and began to sing happily without caring who was listening and, Octopus who was swimming there, suddenly noticed that one of her hearts was beating faster than usual. And he fell in love with her voice.

Another day Estrella de Mar began to dance, letting himself be carried away by the waves without caring who was watching and, Octopus who was swimming there, was enthralled with her elegant movements, feeling that his second heart was beating rapidly.

One afternoon Estrella de Mar decided to dress very pretty and make the braids that her friends had liked so much, and it happened that Octopus when he saw her was captivated by her beauty and, their three hearts began to beat in rhythm.

Star at last understood that in order to be loved, you must first begin to love yourself. He managed to conquer the three hearts of Pulpo being what he was and they were very happy.

1. Why do you think the starfish was in love with the octopus?

2. What did the starfish do to get the octopus's attention?

3. What advice did the Moon give the Starfish?

4. What did the Starfish do after the advice of the Moon?

5. Tell us what you have learned from this story.

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