Mama I'm scared and I can't sleep

Mama I'm scared and I can't sleep

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"Mom, I'm scared and I can't sleep ..." In some homes, how many times have mom or dad heard that, right? When for some reason, known or not, children begin to fear the dark or to be alone at night and need company to fall asleep, it can represent a headache for parents.

We give you some tips for when the child is afraid and cannot sleep.

I wonder who hasn't ever had a nightmare. There are occasional nightmares, usually caused by a busy day or discomfort due to a too heavy dinner, and others that recur for many nights. The truth is that they are very uncomfortable, they make you wake up with a bad taste in your mouth, right? Well imagine how children process these bad drinks ...

When the children start develop fears and feel lonely at night, many times these feelings also turn into nightmares. During one stage of my childhood, the movies I watched had a lot of influence on my dreams. That is why I believe that what can cause fear in a child may not affect others. It depends on the type of sensitivity they have.

What should we consider parents when children can't sleep on their own?

1- It is not the same that the child does not get to sleep alone for one or two nights than for a week or more.

2- In the same way as adults, children can have specific nights in which they cannot fall asleep, either because they suffer from a gastric disorder, because of fears, worries, or because they feel alone.

3- When the lack of sleep lasts for days, it is necessary investigate what is causing that to children, and knowing what they are afraid of, etc.

4- When a child faces this problem, the attitude and parental understanding They are essential for the child to feel safe. The patience of the parents, as well as the perseverance and help is what will really transmit confidence to the little ones. Children need to feel understood, embraced, and protected.

5- If space allows, it would be good to change the position of the furniture in the child's room. If your child is very young, create a point of light to avoid being in total darkness. There are times when a gift like a stuffed animal or doll works too. They can serve as company for the little one.

6- Reading a quiet story to children before bed is also a good idea. Sharing a story or talk with children before they fall asleep is rewarding for both of you.

7- Never and under no circumstances should ignore fears of the child and not make fun of him. We must motivate them to be brave and strong, so that they face fear more easily.

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