Give birth to a boy or a girl

Normally when we hear about a friend who is expecting a baby, the first thing we ask her, after congratulating her, is if it will be a boy or a girl. The same is true of the parents of the child that is growing within its mother's womb.

Select, choose, are verbs that are continually conjugated. You have preferences for everything, but especially when it comes to give birth to a boy or a girl.

In some cases, genetic manipulations make it possible for us to even choose the sex of the baby.

The biological manipulations allow many parents to choose to have a boy or a girl, and thus avoid family discussions, and facilitate, among many other things, the assignment of the color of clothes to be bought, or the color of the walls of the room, whether pink or blue, for example.

When you ask parents if they want a boy or a girl, many answer that the baby gender They don't care, what they want is that come with health above all. However, we all know that this is not always true. Many count the days, weeks, so that they can do an ultrasound and thus see the sex of their baby.

The conception of a boy or a girl has even generated the creation of homemade methods without any scientific backing. What if doing it on an odd or even day, if the posture is recommended, if the food, etc. Also exist signs that many parents consider to the letter, as if the belly is round it will be a girl and if it is pointed it will be a boy.

In Granada, Spain, for 120 euros if you can know the sex of the fetus in the second month of pregnancy.

When it comes to medicine, knowing or determining the sex of the baby before it is born, has come a long way. I think that what has not progressed has been the interests of many parents. I mean your ethical values ​​and criteria, which they are doing with that mainly in Asia, there is still a huge rate of infanticide and girls abandonment when they are just born, or even earlier, through abortion. Murdered or abandoned, this is the fate of thousands of Chinese and Indian girls, where a girl can represent the ruin of a family.

The disaster and the political and social pressure are causing a imbalance between the sexes and a flood in the export of girls and in the adoption processes.

In the West, the baby abandonment is constant, even if it is sporadic, and does not present so many disproportions regarding the sex of the babies. In Spain, according to statistics, a large part of parents do not care if it is a boy or a girl, the best thing is that they do not stop being born.

Yes, there are preferences regarding the first child. Let it be a child to please the father. In the midst of so much lack of respect, I think that society, in this sense, is passing.

What difference does it make if it's a boy or a girl? I do not think that the feminine or masculine gender is decisive in the development of a person. By nature we are already born different. It is not necessary that those differences turn babies into factory products. This one works, this one doesn't… What will parents who choose the sex of their baby tell their child about their choice? What only wanted him if he were a boy or a girl? I don't think that's a good idea.

Mirna Santos

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