An autumn full of activities for children

An autumn full of activities for children

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Autumn is a season when you can also enjoy a lot with children. We can savor with them each of their peculiarities. Now that we are in full course, we have left the summer holidays far behind, we still have many exciting and enriching moments ...

Autumn offers children surprising details of nature, singular fruits and unforeseen situations. Before the winter chills take over, it would be great to be able to show and teach our child surprising and simple aspects of nature, with which they can learn, experiment and play. Surely you already know what I mean: trees and the different colors of their leaves, their sizes and their shapes.

We give you some ideas to enjoy an autumn full of activities with children.

It could be a lot of fun for children to collect leaves, according to their criteria and tastes, sort them, collect them, make collages, ... and, especially playing with them, who as a child has been able to resist the mountain of leaves that the street sweeper has accumulated in a corner of the park? This is too attractive to pass up: tuck your legs in until they sink in or scatter them through the air in the form of rain.

If we have the opportunity, picking the fruits of the trees like the chestnuts, acorns, walnuts or almonds will give our children a quiet and rewarding moment, while they learn to discriminate their shapes and taste new flavors, my daughter is crazy about roasted chestnuts! She says they are the best of fall. But, of all the 'collectible' fruits, to my children they love to look for mushrooms and catch them, always under the supervision of the elderly. As grandfather is very fond of mushrooms, whenever we go out to look for them, he carries a wonderful specialized book with detailed illustrations so that they can recognize and distinguish some types from others. They love to compare them: to look closely at the shape, the color, the touch, if they have laminae or spores, if they have a ring on the foot, whether or not they are edible. It is a fun and educational practical class on mycology. Whether we will eat it or not, they no longer care.

There are many other fall activities that we can make from home: drawings, compositions and numerous crafts that the little ones can serve to get to know their surroundings and help them distinguish the different seasons of the year, observing and reflecting in their creations the characteristics of that season. Autumn is a time of change, an explosion of new and surprising shapes and colors in the nnature, which we can take advantage of to stimulate the insatiable curiosity of our little ones. I'm sure that also to those who live in other latitudes, nature gives you its seasonal delicacies, even if they do not know autumn.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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