Compatibility of Capricorn mothers with Libra children

Children born under the sign Libra are gentle and calm children so the relationship with them is a raft of oil. On the other hand, Capricorn mothers, despite being extremely demanding, are able to soften before the tender and sweet heart of their Libra children.

We tell you how is the relationship of Capricorn mothers with the children of the Libra sign.

They are demanding mothers and inflexible that impose an iron discipline and who like the pre-established order without frights. They are not exactly open-minded, but they love traditions and it is difficult for them to accept changes or modernities, but despite being a bit stubborn, they can become reflective after overcoming the first negative impulse of their sign.

Mothers with their feet on the ground, what flee from daydreams of their children, but that they are capable of giving themselves like nobody else to them, so that they can achieve their goals.

Capricorn women are sacrificial mothers, of a fighting spirit, before which no problem or difficulty is inaccessible.

They like to train quiet and safe homes so that their children grow slowly, and they like to create strong bonds with the family.

Libra children are dominated by the planet Venus, star of love, the tenderness and the pleasure of living.

They are very intelligent children, with a very peculiar way of expressing themselves and living life. They avoid confrontations, even if they do not agree on the conclusions, but prefer a withdrawal in time than a final defeat.

They love art, music and drawing, they spend a lot of time doing manual work, because deep down, art is the creation of harmony, something they need in order to be happy.

The scale that forms their sign defines them perfectly, since they need a outer balance to be able to develop without problems, and to be able to achieve their own internal balance, since they are always exposed to oscillations.

They take into account the opinions of others, which makes them prefer to keep those around them happy than to feel good themselves.

Surround themselves with dreams and fantasies nothing goals.

This is one good relationship, based on mutual respect. Children of the Libra sign usually want their mother to be happy for what they will do the unspeakable, even against themselves to achieve that harmony between them.

On the other hand, Capricorn mothers should loosen that character a bit demanding, as pressures are not well accepted by Libra children. If you want your child to obey you, it is much better to be diplomatic and subtle than imperative. Capricorn mothers need to be careful how they order things, if they don't want Libra kids to get stubborn.

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