Curiosities about vitamins in infant nutrition

During childhood it is essential that children ingest the vitamins necessary for their proper development, and they are fundamental for the growth of children.

What happens if children don't get enough vitamins? They will be down, and suffer disorders such as anemia, anorexy, digestive problems, bone and muscle problems, and it even affects mood and can even cause depression. But do you know that the excess vitamins is also harmful? They can cause bleeding gums, vomiting, loss of appetite, or diarrhea.

We tell you all the curiosities about vitamins in infant nutrition.

Children obtain vitamins through food, a balanced diet based on the food pyramid ensures enough vitamin dose not to need supplements. However, so that vitamins are not lost and getting the most out of them is important know these curiosities:

- Although it seems a myth of the grandmothers, orange juice does lose your vitamins If it is not consumed quickly, the reason is because light accelerates the oxidation process.

- It is not advisable to reheat nor overcooking food so that they do not lose their properties.

- Fresh fruits and vegetables should wash and peel just before eatingIf we let them soak for a long time they will lose their properties again.

- If the skin or shell you can eat do it, we also find many vitamins in the skin.

- Vitamins are better maintained if we cook in an express pot.

- To the reheat dishes again and again vitamins are lost.

- If you cook vegetables in water, keep it to make soups, there are many vitamins in there.

- It has been said for years that vitamin supplements They help prevent different diseases, however recent studies deny this fact. Many associations recommend obtaining vitamins from food

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