How to make a lava lamp. Science experiment for kids

Know what is a lava lamp? It is a bottle full of water inside which you can see how colored bubbles rise and fall slowly, with lots of light. A relaxing and magical experience!

If you like this type of lamp, you will love doing this experiment with your children. You can make your own lava lamp at home, with the children. It is very simple to do and you do not need many materials. A very inexpensive craft.


  • 1 plastic cup or glass bottle
  • Dye or paint of any color
  • Effervescent tablets
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Flashlight to see the effect well
  • Tips: The higher the glass or glass jar you use, the more beautiful the effect will be

1. Fill the glass or glass jar half full with water.

2. Now add a few drops of food coloring or tempera the color you like best. Stir well to mix with the water.

3. Fill the glass with oil. To the top!

4. Let stand a few minutes. It's ready. Get ready to see the effect. Put a light under the glass or glass jar (it works, for example, the smartphone flashlight).

5. Add the effervescent tablet. And now ... watch! ... is magic!

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