Table of time of use of the tablet or mobile in children according to their age

Yesterday at my 8-year-old daughter's school they asked her to bring a photo of what her country was like 100 years before her birth, that is, in 1909. We searched the internet and her astonished face gave me a lot to think about. 100 years ago there was no tablet, no mobile! - he told me. Indeed darling; nor television, nor cars that were not drawn by horses, nor almost sidewalks, much less did we know what was happening in the world far beyond our neighborhood or how little the radio had.

In these 100 years the world has changed more than in the last 1000 previous ones, but our brain has hardly changed. Really are the children ready to grow through screens?

Taking today's kids away from new technologies is totally incongruous and unrealistic. They do not conceive of life without screens, but we are adults to be able to set limits.

Here is one table so that you know the time of use of the tablets, mobile or television, and put a little common sense.

If you thought that new technologies were an advance for your children, you were wrong. Although there are no conclusive studies yet, it is being seen that even the most educational digital games have more harm than good for children.

Today, more than 90% of babies under the age of 2 have been in contact with screens, and in most cases parents use them to calm and distract our children while we try to have a little silence at home , that is, as the English call it, they are a kind of glass pacifiers.

We tell you what the times you should let the child play with the tablet or mobile according to their age and consequences that you can have for your child if you don't.

Under 2 years

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under 2 years they should never be exposed to screens: no mobile phones, no tablets, no televisions, not even for eating.

At this age is when the child's brain grows faster, and for them it needs direct contact with people. Interaction and assessing the cause - effect that their gestures have on other people is crucial for their development.

As much as they try to sell us something else, the truth is that with a digital device a baby does not learn to speak, he does not learn to communicate because he does not get a response, so mobile devices before the age of 2 have a harmful effect on their ability to learn, language, social skills and even motor skills, since he will barely move. In addition, if this were not enough, it will affect your sleep and attention, since the blue light emitted by the screens affects the melanin that the body produces in order to sleep well. something that parents of a baby are sure not to want to experience at all.

Between 2 and 5 years

Maximum 30 minutes a day, and always under the supervision of an adult. Furthermore, we should be accompanied every time they are with the tablet to explain its content to the child.

Better quality content than games, that is, educational content that teaches you something about science, mathematics, nature ... and if it is a game, that is also with the goal of learning something, for example; the hours, the seasons of the year ...

Never let them see violent content, because at these ages it greatly affects their development; and we must bear in mind that real play always prevails over digital, since in the latter they are not learning to regulate their feelings, or to interact with other children, or to socialize or control their impulses.

Between 5 and 12 years

Maximum 1 hour a day, longer it favors a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. Parental control must be exhaustive, and we must never let them be alone with the screens in their bedroom, much less have computers, tablets or televisions in it.

From 12 years

This is the most conflictive stage, since social networks begin to appear in their lives, and although it is not allowed to access them before the age of 14, the truth is that many children already have very active profiles on the networks.

Here the cyber bullying On the part of peers, violent, sexual or content contrary to the rules of coexistence are the main enemies of our children.

In addition, it is proven that at this age, more than two hours a day In front of the tablet it diminishes the scholastic performance, to the social and family relationships and creates addictive behaviors.

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