Epidural anesthesia: a relief during labor

I love to answer yes when asked What if I had an epidural during labor?. For me, giving birth without pain thanks to epidural anesthesia has been a wonderful gift, an unforgettable moment that has allowed me to remember with gratitude the seconds I felt relieved my contractions during labor. Have you had an epidural during your delivery?

We owe this gift to a great Spanish researcher doctor, Dr. Fidel Pagés, who in March 1921 published in the Spanish Journal of Surgery, an article entitled "Metameric Anesthesia", where he described the Epidural anesthesiain 43 interventions using 2% novocaine. His work was soon forgotten as it was not translated at the time of its publication and given the limited distribution of the journal where his study was published.

In 1931, the Italian Dogliotti (1897-1966), investigating independently, presented epidural anesthesia as his own discovery, receiving the honors of the International Medical Community. For this reason, many authors consider the Spanish surgeon Pagés as the discoverer of epidural anesthesia and the Italian Achile Mario Dogliotti credit him for having spread and popularized it all over the world.

From 1935, the epidural began to be used in the world by many surgeons and in 2000, Spain included epidurals in the National Health System for pain control in childbirth. Right now, we are at the bottom of Europe in terms of natural birth it means. Only 1-2 percent of Spanish pregnant women prefer not to manipulate their delivery through the administration of oxytocin and epidural anesthesia, while in the rest of Europe, the number of natural deliveries rises from 20 to 30 percent. Is it because it is free?

According to the The Birth is Ours Association, at present, any woman in Spain who wishes give birth at homeAccording to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), she has to resort to paying for the professional care of a midwife out of her own pocket, and faces the widespread and general opinion that it is a dangerous option for her and her child, when Scientific studies show that it is nothing more than a prejudice without any scientific evidence to support it.

In countries such as Great Britain, Holland or Finland, among others, home birth is covered by Social Security and is a possible alternative to hospital birth.

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