Prevention of accidents with children from 0 to 2 years

Up to 7 or 8 months, children's ability to move is quite limited: they move their hands and legs and they try to reach out to catch things. From this age, with the beginning of crawling, they like to touch everything and their skills improve day by day. Their eagerness to get to know the world around them will lead them to put everything within their reach into their mouths.

From 8 months, children they are in continuous movement, beginning to crawl and walk around the house. Their enormous curiosity will lead them to become little explorers. Suddenly, their world has expanded, and they see the house as a great playground full of fun. In this period of its development, the safety of the little one depends mainly on you, although you should not overprotect it. Eliminate as much as possible the risks and dangers in your home that could injure your baby.

In the bathroom. Before putting your child in the bath, check the temperature of the water with a thermometer, although you can check it with your elbow or hand. It should have a comfortable and moderate temperature close to body temperature. Keep all those toxic products (colognes, bleaches and creams) and sharp objects (razors, nail clippers, knives ...) out of their reach.

In the kitchen. It is convenient to check the temperature of the bottle by placing a few drops on the back of the hand. If the child is in the kitchen, it is necessary that they stay away from the heat source to avoid burns and, above all, that the handles of the pots and pans do not protrude. Be careful with plastic bags, paper, etc ..., children are very attentive.

And if you put them over your head, it could cause suffocation. When you use electrical appliances (blender, juicer, iron ...) be careful so that the cable does not hang; the child likes to pull the strings. When you're done using electrical appliances, unplug them.

In the changing table. When changing it, have everything you need at hand and do not abandon the baby, as it could fall. Avoid putting bows, safety pins or buttons in the front, or long chains to hold the pacifier on their clothes.

In the cradle. When lying down, you should lie on your back or on your side with a pillow behind you. Always maintain this posture after meals. The crib must meet a series of characteristics: the bars must not have a separation greater than 8 cm., So that the child's head does not fit, and do not use pillows.

In his bedroom. Up to the age of three, children have a natural tendency to put everything they see in their mouths. Observe that small objects such as buttons, marbles, pieces of construction games ... are not within reach.

In the classroom. The plugs, slots and holes attract a lot of attention. Put protectors or tape on each socket and check that you will not be able to remove them. In winter, it is advisable to use radiators and / or electric plates. If this is not possible, be careful so that your son or daughter does not go near the braziers and butane stoves. If you have a fireplace, protect it with a grill.

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