Quick recipes to prepare in 10 minutes for children

Quick recipes to prepare in 10 minutes for children

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Organizing the children's day-to-day is not an easy task, there are many tasks that we must do every day. One of the most important, and for which however there is less time, is cooking. Food is vital for the growth of children, so we must take maximum care of it.

Thinking of working moms and mamas who barely have time to cook, we have devised a menu of quick and easy recipes that are also very nutritious. Quick recipes for prepare in 10 minutes to children and that they constitute healthy and balanced dishes. is committed to simple, fast cooking, and at the same time transmits pleasure for those who practice it as well as for those who like to eat well. For this reason, we have selected very easy and fast recipes, and very rich and exquisite. Go for it!

Try the recipes of, and let us children cook too, so in addition to helping with housework they will enjoy the food prepared by themselves much more. Check out these quick recipes made in 10 minutes.

A good and healthy breakfast provides the energy to be strong and alert throughout the day, as well as being part of a healthy diet for children and the whole family. If you want to give life to the family mornings, but you have little time, take note of these quick and delicious recipes.

Apple pancakes. We teach you how to make a very special recipe for children's breakfast or snack: apple pancakes. Exquisite and nutritious, easy and quick to make. An exquisite recipe that will surprise children and will make them eat apples in a very attractive way.

French toasts or French toasts. Easy French Toast Recipe for Kids. How to make french toasts for children's breakfast. Learn how to make the French toast recipe step by step. French toasts recipe for children. We will tell you how to make French toast in a practical and quick way for breakfast or a children's snack.

Yogurt with cereals and red berries. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children, so we recommend a recipe for children of yogurt with cereals and blueberries. We teach you to prepare a breakfast or a snack quickly, easily, and very delicious.

Homemade milk bread. With this recipe for muesli with fruits you will get a complete breakfast, full of nutrients, to start the day with a lot of energy! Keep muesli, strawberries, raspberries, and dried fruit on hand. It's very easy to do.

Strawberry and banana smoothie. Vitamin C, folic acid and calcium, this strawberry and banana smoothie contains the necessary nutrients to be a perfect fruit dessert for children and pregnant women.

American pancakes. our site offers you a recipe for American pancakes that is very easy and quick to make. In addition, it allows the participation of children in its preparation. A recipe to make at home with the children, both for breakfast and for the whole family snack.

Yogurt muffins. For those who think that you cannot make a vegan breakfast for children, you have this children's breakfast recipe with oatmeal, chocolate and banana.

Hot mixed sandwich. How to make a hot ham and cheese sandwich. our site proposes an ideal recipe for the children's snack or dinner. Surprise your children with this simple and nutritious recipe.

Rice, pasta, complete salads, cannelloni, fish, assorted burgers ... quick and easy recipes for all tastes. If that's what you are looking for, write down these recipes:

Macaroni and chicken and cheese. Chicken is a very easy meat for children to digest and it is not excessively fat. On the other hand, pasta brings a lot of energy to children. With these two ingredients, at Guiainfantil we have made delicious macaroni with chicken and cheese.

Rice salad with tuna and apple. Celiacs find it very difficult to cook, but there are rich and healthy options like this gluten-free rice salad with tuna and apple for celiac children. On our site we teach you how to make a rice salad with apple and tuna.

Grilled sole with lemon. Fish recipe. Grilled sole with lemon. The diet of babies and children should include fish dishes. And if they're sick, this mild grilled sole with lemon will help them feel better.

Chicken spaghetti in bechamel sauce. Pasta with chicken and béchamel sauce. our site offers you a quick and easy recipe for children's lunch or dinner: chicken spaghetti in béchamel sauce. Kids love pasta and chicken. An ideal recipe for children who are starting to eat solids.

Cuba style rice. This homemade Cuban rice recipe in the traditional style is one of the favorite dishes of children and it also gives them a lot of energy. On our site we teach you how to make an easy and fast recipe at home, and very cheap.

Country salad. Country salad recipe. It is a fresh dish made up of a wide variety of ingredients. Its preparation is very simple and children usually love it, especially in the summer months.

Canned tuna burgers. A simple recipe to make, inexpensive and simple, ideal to get parents out of trouble at lunch or dinner for children. Easy canned tuna burger recipe for kids. An ideal recipe to attract children's taste for fish.

Cous cous or chicken couscous with vegetables. Learn how to make this complete and simple recipe for chicken and vegetable couscous for children. our site brings us a traditional Arabic recipe to get an energetic and healthy dish. Arabic recipes for children. Homemade couscous recipe.

Chicken and cheese cannelloni. Cannelloni are a very fun recipe for children to prepare as a family. Try this recipe for chicken cannelloni and ricotta cheese, typical of Italian cuisine.

Fruit banners with yogurt. Invite the children to eat fruit at all times of the year, with this recipe for fruit banners with yogurt. On this occasion, our site has bet on strawberries, kiwis, bananas and grapes, but you can make with the fruits that your children like the most. A healthy and simple dessert or snack.

Genoese sponge cake with 3 ingredients. Learn how to make the homemade Genoese sponge cake recipe with only 3 ingredients. We propose some accompaniments to cook with children, as well as other easy recipes for breakfast, snack and dessert with healthy sugar-free sponge cakes. Let's cook as a family!

Crepes with fruits. Get a healthy and balanced snack for children with this recipe for crepes with fruits. Recipes with fruit for children. Traditional recipe for crepes. Learn how to prepare fruit crepes with this rich and easy recipe. The fruit crepes are ideal to enjoy at breakfast time or as a children's snack.

Baked apples. Recipe for roasted apples in the traditional style. our site proposes you the preparation of grandmothers' desserts, such as these apples baked in the traditional style, they are often the favorites of children. A homemade recipe, easy and simple to prepare.

Carrot pancakes. Snack time is one of the most important moments in children's nutrition, you can make this children's recipe for carrot pancakes, healthy and quick to prepare.

Fritters. Homemade wind fritters. our site offers you a traditional and homemade recipe of delicious wind fritters for children. Buñuelos de viento are fried dumplings covered in sugar and cinnamon. They are ideal for the family snack and breakfast.

Banana custard. Banana custard recipe for children. Easy recipes for children's breakfast, dessert or snack. our site offers quick and easy healthy and nutritious recipes for families. How to make banana custard.

Cereal with strawberry and banana. A spring breakfast for moms can be this recipe for cereal, strawberry and banana. A recipe for children with many vitamins and very fresh for spring and summer.

Scrambled eggs. Who doesn't like scrambled eggs? But not everyone knows how to make them so that they are fluffy, light and rich. Thinking about it, our site has prepared a recipe with which you will achieve perfect scrambled eggs. We tell you the ingredients and the step by step of how to make delicious scrambled eggs.

Broccoli burger. Follow this easy and light broccoli burger recipe. Broccoli is a vegetable rich in iron and vitamins that, in addition to protecting the heart, also strengthens bones, vision, skin, and the immune system of children and adults. It is ideal for pregnant women and for those who need to lose weight.

Peas with ham and egg. Recipe of peas with ham and egg, step by step, for the family lunch or dinner. our site offers a traditional recipe of peas with ham and egg, for a light dinner for children and pregnant women. Contains folic acid and other nutrients.

Eggs on the plate with sausages. Eggs recipe on the plate with sausages. Microwave recipe for working moms and dads. our site proposes a quick and easy recipe for children's dinner.

Microwave salmon. Microwave salmon for children. It is a highly recommended food for children as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important in the development and growth of children.

French omelette with ham and cheese. The French omelette is one of the best resources when cooking for children. A quick recipe that everyone usually likes, with a touch of ham and cheese. easy ham and cheese omelette recipe for kids.

Microwave potato chips. We offer you a delicious recipe that all children are excited about: microwave potato chips. It is a very simple recipe that you can make in just five minutes. In addition, it is a healthier way of cooking potatoes, by dispensing with the oil for frying.

Tuna cake recipe. How to make tuna cake easily and quickly in the microwave. Recipes for children prepared in a short time. Tuna is

Burritos with minced meat. Mexican recipe to make with children. Typical Mexican food. Burritos with minced meat. Traditional food from Mexico. How to prepare Mexican burritos with minced meat.

Greek salad. This recipe for children of Greek salad will like them and will help them learn about different cultures while enjoying a very special and fresh recipe. At Guiainfantil we teach you how to make a Greek salad.

5 healthy and quick to make sandwiches. Sandwiches are an excellent option for lunches, snacks, dinners, ideal for family gatherings or parties, for a snack, an aperitif or a picnic. We teach you how to make very healthy and varied sandwiches with chicken, tuna, salmon, ham, fruits, cheeses, and much more.

Battered vegetables. Battered and fried vegetable recipes are a good resource for getting children to eat vegetables without protest. Have you ever made battered vegetables for your children? our site offers us some rich recipes of vegetables with crunchy batter for children to enjoy, eating vegetables.

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