How to prevent sports injuries in children

How to prevent sports injuries in children

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A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, states that 56.6% of anterior cruciate ligament injuries of the knee in children between the ages of 5 and 14 originate during the practice of a sport. What's more, most of the injuries occurred while playing sports with the ball. This leads to analyze how we can prevent sports injuries in children.

In recent years, surgical interventions for knee cruciate ligament injury in children has increased in recent years. The president of the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists, Fernando Ramos, affirms that "in contact sports, traumatic injuries such as sprains, muscle breaks or fractures stand out for their frequency and severity." But what are the dangers for children in a growing period?

- Physiotherapists warn about the dangers of this type of injury in children under 8 years of age since basic motor skills have not yet been developed.

- Children who are in puberty can suffer changes in bone growth that can lead to musculotendinous pathologies.

- Pain, inflammation and functional impotence.

- They can lead to inability to practice physical exercise, which can lead to greater chances of suffering from childhood obesity.

- In the most serious cases joint instabilities may arise, disturbances in bone growth by the affectation of the cartilages of conjunction or delays in the healing processes.

- Physiotherapists insist on the importance of education to be able to identify an injury in the initial phase.

- Recovery through targeted therapeutic exercise is key.

- Prevent children from specializing in sports at a very early age to avoid certain repetitive movements and the decompensation of the muscular work that this implies.

- It is preferable that children practice different sports disciplines simultaneously so that they can acquire motor coordination skills.

- Use the adequate protection measures in every sport.

- Children have to do a training led by a professional.

- It is important that the child performs a good hydration and carries a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, since they reduce the inflammatory processes that accompany an injury.

Source: Spanish Association of Physiotherapists and COVAP Cup

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