Test to know what type of pregnant you are

You may consider yourself a calm, calm person, who makes decisions with meditation and without haste and, suddenly, one fine day you get pregnant and as your body changes you start doing crazy things that are not part of your personality.

As a game, we propose a test so that you can assess what kind of pregnant are you or were you in your day. Answer these questions and see if they match in your case.

We ask you a series of multiple choice questions, write down your answers and at the end get your result. We tell you what type of pregnant you are according to how you face certain daily situations:

1. How did you know you were pregnant?

to. My period was late and I got tested.

b. Before my period came, I already took the pregnancy test.

c. I waited a while after the delay and went to my doctor.

2. When did you tell people you were pregnant?

to. I waited at three months, when the most complicated phase had passed.

b. When the test came back positive, I made a few calls ... Immediately!

c. When I felt comfortable and saw the pregnancy progress, I was telling people.

3. When did you choose your baby's name?

to. I shuffled some names with my partner while pregnant.

b. I have it very clear for years.

c. I waited for it to be born and to see its little face to name it.

4. How much information did you seek during your pregnancy?

to. I bought a couple of books.

b. I subscribed to magazines, I read everything on the Internet, I have a lot of books ... I devoured information!

c. Only some as the changes were happening. My main source of information was my doctor.

5. Did you want to know the sex of the baby during pregnancy?

to. It was not clear to me but when the ultrasound machine asked me I said yes.

b. Of course, I also did all the home tests to find out.

c. Not at all! I preferred it to be a surprise.

6. What did you like least about being pregnant?

to. Some discomfort such as nausea or back pain.

b. How long it takes! It never ends!

c. It seemed like a good experience, I do not remember great annoyances

7. How did you feel when you saw your body change?

to. I take care of myself to avoid stretch marks.

b. I'm overwhelmed, I think I'm going to get too fat and then I'll be a ball.

c. I find it wonderful and if I get stretch marks, they will be the most beautiful in the world.

Add up all your results and see if you answered more than "a", "b", or "c". Now read the result:

- Greater number of A: You try to live what comes every day, without stressing about the little things. You want to enjoy each stage of pregnancy without haste and without nerves and, although you feel fears and doubts at times. You are organized and you will have everything ready for when the baby is born but you don't want your life to revolve around your pregnancy. You keep doing your usual routines, meet friends, go out to dinner with your partner, even take a trip if you can. You try to control your nerves and you don't have big mood swings. What worries you most is that your baby is born healthy.

- Higher number of B: You live pregnancy with an illusion without measures, you can be impatient and, if you could see your baby through a small window, you would not doubt it. Sometimes you feel a sway of emotions that go from the most absolute joy to the most unfathomable sadness and you do not know why. You live by and for the pregnancy. You really want from the beginning to see your belly grow, to feel your baby and, although they recommend you not to buy anything until later, you bought some booties and a pacifier as soon as you knew you were pregnant. You really want to be a mom, although sometimes anxiety can. You are afraid that something will not go well and, although you are not sure that you would repeat the experience, it is very possible that you will live a pregnancy again.

- Higher number of C: It may be your first pregnancy but you live it with such tranquility and awareness that it seems that you have done it all your life. You want it to be a stage full of surprises, you don't care if it's a boy or a girl, if it's twins or just one. You only think about being a good mother when your baby is born. Sometimes they will tell you that you are too calm, that you should learn more, buy some things for when he is born. But you are in a cloud, you feel happy and you don't think you need to do anything until the time comes.

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