How to correct the wrongdoings of children

How to correct the wrongdoings of children

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What can parents do to correct children's wrongdoing? Before the year, it seems useless to say a powerful 'no', to avoid a little mischief from your baby, the second he will perform the same action again and more dangerously if possible. Would it be good to wait or would it be better to correct and take advantage of every opportunity, before the problem worsens? It is logical to think that it is easier to correct a punctual bad behavior than a bad habit ingrained.

A mother asked me what she could do because she realized that his son, now older, stole. Well, it is not uncommon to see your child appear when he is young with a toy and object that does not belong to him, because young children do not hesitate to appropriate what they like, without taking into account the damage caused to its owner and by not knowing that stealing is wrong. These small 'criminal acts' will be an excellent excuse to teach them the consequences of a bad action.

We must deal with these situations with conviction and good arguments and not let them pass, even if we consider that it is an unimportant object. Do not wait until the disease is serious to go to the doctor. We have to teach children in the small things, in the day to day, so we will be effective also in things of more importance. We must not miss any opportunity to educate them.

Although it is a rather taboo subject, an acquaintance of mine told me something that happened to her when she was about 8 or 9 years old: led by the bad influence of a friend, they went into a department store and did not hesitate to get hold of some cheap girl trinkets. It was the first time it had occurred to him to do such a thing, but from that day on it was also the last.

On this occasion, the head of security acted as educator and did it very well, in my opinion. According to what he told his mother later, he took them to some offices and there he asked them a few questions and informed them about what would happen to them, he said something like: 'I will take you to the nearest police station and there they will be registered forever your names as thieves. '

He managed to intimidate them and make them realize the consequences that an act like stealing would bring them. While they were crying in anguish, regretting their action, the security officer reassured them saying that he would let them go, as long as confess to their parents what had happened. They did so, and I suppose that episode of their lives will have been etched in their memory forever.

We all make mistakes sometimes! But, What would have happened if no one had stopped this action? We do not know, but it is reasonable to think that they might have believed that they could continue to do so without consequences. Well, as my mother used to say, you have to straighten and guide your children when they are still 'young trees', because once they become 'woody', it is unlikely that they can be straightened.

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