Childish story. The red sneakers

Childish story. The red sneakers

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Read the full text of the story to your children The red slippers,by Hans Christian Andersen, for them to learn basic principles of the value of kindness and humility.

There are many children's stories that have delighted boys and girls around the world, generation after generation. Undoubtedly, among those essential stories is this beautiful tale of The Red Shoes, one of the classics of children's literature.

A long, long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl named Karen. Her family was very poor, so he couldn't buy her what she wanted above all else: red dancing shoes.

Because what Karen liked the most was dancing, which she did all the time. Oftenimagined herself as a prom star, receiving congratulations and admiration from all over the world.

When her mother died, a treasured lady took the girl in and cared for her as if she were her daughter. When it was time for his coming-out, he called her into his presence:

- Go and buy yourself shoes suitable for the occasion.

- Said his benefactress handing him the money.

But Karen, disobeying, and taking advantage of the fact that the old lady did not see very well, ordered a pair of red dancing shoes from the shoemaker. On the day of the celebration, everyone was looking at Karen's red shoes.

Someone even pointed out to the elderly woman that it was not well seen for a young girl to use that tone in her shoes. The woman, angry at Karen for disobeying, reprimanded her right there:

"That is flirtatiousness and vanity, Karen, and none of those qualities will ever help you."

However, the girl took advantage of any occasion to wear them. The poor lady died shortly after, and the funeral was arranged. Because he had been a very good person, people came from all over to celebrate the funeral.

When Karen got dressed to go, saw the red shoes with their patent leather glistening in the dark. She knew she shouldn't do it, but without thinking twice, she picked up the enchanted slippers and tucked her little feet inside:

"I'll be much more elegant in front of everyone!" He told himself. As she entered the church, a horrible, bearded old man addressed her:

-What pretty red dancing shoes! Do you want me to clean them? - he said.

Karen thought that this way the shoes would shine more and she ignored what the lady had always recommended about modesty in dressing. The man stared at the slippers, and with a whisper and a slap on the soles ordered them:

"Fit well when you dance!"

When leaving the church, what would be the surprise of Karen when she felt a tingling in the feet! The red sneakers began to dance as if possessed by their own music.

The people of the town, surprised, saw how Karen danced away through the squares, meadows and pastures. Try as he might, there was no way to loosen his shoes: they were welded to his feet, and there was no longer any way of knowing what was foot and what was shoe! Days passed and Karen kept dancing and dancing.

I was so tired ...! and she had never felt so lonely and sad. She cried and cried as she danced, thinking how silly and vain she had been, how ungrateful her attitude was towards the good lady and the townspeople who had helped her so much.

- I can't take it anymore! - she moaned desperately - I have to take off these shoes even if it requires cutting off my feet!

Karen danced to a nearby town where an executioner lived, famous for his skill with the ax. When he arrived, without stopping dancing and with tears in his eyes, he shouted from the door:

-Salt! Salt! I can't go in because I'm dancing.

-Don't you know who I am? I cut heads! And now I feel my ax shake. - said the executioner.

"Don't cut my head off," said Karen, "because then I won't be able to regret my vanity!" But please cut off my feet with the red shoes so I can stop dancing.

But when the door opened, Karen's surprise was enormous. The terrible executioner was none other than the shoeshine beggar who had enchanted his red slippers.

-What beautiful red dance shoes! - she exclaimed -Surely they fit very well when dancing! - She said winking at poor Karen

-Let me see them more closely ...-. But as soon as the beggar touched the shoes with his skeletal fingers, the red sneakers stopped and Karen stopped dancing.

She learned her lesson, kept them in a glass urn, and not a single day went by that she wasn't grateful that she no longer had to keep dancing in her red slippers.


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