The game of Easter eggs for children

The game of Easter eggs for children

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Thinking of some new idea to entertain the children on my son's birthday, which almost every year coincides a few days before or after with Easter, it occurred to me to rescue the old custom of hiding painted Easter eggs to the surprise and joy of the children who find them. That's how it is Easter eggs game for children.

This Easter, my friends and I were, we wanted perform the Easter eggs game for the children hiding eggs all over the room where we celebrate the birthday. In every corner, in every corner, under the plants and in the baskets, there were dozens of colored eggs camouflaged everywhere. With a whistle, we opened the egg hunt season and all the rowdy kids went into a frenzy, which erupted every time one told everyone else that they had found one.

The idea was great and the kids had a great time. The chocolate eggs became the kings of the birthday and the chocolate in the prize for all the participants. And it is that although Easter eggs are an old tradition in many countries of the world, Here they are not very seen and the game was very new and entertaining.

The custom of hiding painted eggs in the fields and in house gardens to delight the children who find them, is an old custom that began in northern Europe and has been exported to many countries. It symbolizes the persecution of Jesus by Herod and the deceptions placed by God to avoid being found. Today the tradition continues with some variations.

In the old continent, the medieval custom of decorating eggs with colors is maintained and, for this reason, they are stained and painted. Across the Atlantic, In Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, the tradition of giving Easter eggs is preserved, decorated by hand with multicolored icing or chocolate.

When it comes to decoration, Easter eggs have always represented a challenge for bakers. The strident colors, which represented sunlight and were painted by hand, gave way to the packaging of large egg productions during the 1920s and 1930s.

Children, like pastry chefs, want to express all their creativity in their Easter eggs, hence they look for some of the most original ideas. What if you give them a hand? Here we present you original proposals.

- Matching spring
Easter usually coincides, in some countries, with the arrival of spring. And if we are inspired by some reason of this season to decorate our egg? If it is a brown one, nothing like getting some brushes, white paint and yellow paint and drawing some daisies. It will be beautiful!

- With stickers
For the little ones, this proposal is perfect. They should paint the egg in their favorite color (red, blue, purple, green, yellow) and then simply put fun stickers or stickers on it to make it more eye-catching. They will enjoy this activity a lot!

- With faces
Whether it is a white egg or a black egg, this original idea is great for you! You only need a black marker and paint on them different faces: eyes, mouth, nose and mustache, which is very important! As a final finish, we suggest that you draw some rabbit ears on a white card, cut them out and glue them on. Very cool!

- With doodles
And we can also do a very simple thing. Prepare everything at the table: eggs, paints, water, labels, stickers ... and let the children do what they want, for example, simple doodles of different colors and without a predetermined shape. What do you think about the idea? They can do it with brushes or even with their own hands.

The traditions of Holy Week have changed over the centuries until they become, for the vast majority of people, a week where they do not work and eat the famous Easter eggs along with traditional French toast and other sweets typical of these dates.

In fact, Holy Sunday is one of the two days of the year, along with Christmas Day, when the most chocolate is consumed. If at home you are very little things and you like to put on the apron and the chef's hat, surely these recipes that we present you will not have many secrets for you, do they?

Easter is a 'gift' before the long-awaited summer holidays that so many of us are looking forward to. For this reason, in homes around the world, they live with great intensity and they look for plans that can be in accordance with all members of the household and, also, with the infrastructure we have and the weather.

And is that according to research published in the Journal of Commercial Research, vacations have a more positive impact on children than toys. After knowing the conclusion of this study, your head won't stop spinning about what plans to make? Easy, Guiainfantil to the rescue!

- Create a theater script
Have you heard of symbolic play? It allows children to be other characters and therefore feel like other people for a few moments. The benefits are so many for the development of the child that we can not stop encouraging you to practice it at home and to do it through a play that you can invent yourself and then represent.

- Take a field trip
Leaving the city will be for you like spending a whole day in a spa. It reduces stress, promotes a healthy lifestyle, oxygenates the brain, generates more happiness and allows you to teach children the need to take care of the environment and the importance it represents for our future.

- Home theater session
We always talk about the teachings that stories do not propose, but we must not forget either the wise lessons that some films or short films offer us. Shall we microwave some popcorn and get comfortable on the couch?

- Crafts with egg boxes
And since you have used the eggs to decorate them, why not take advantage of the cardboard box in which they are usually wrapped, that is, the egg cups, to make a worm, a fish or a turtle?

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