Reading habits in children from 0 to 3 years old

It seems incredible that a child of 1, 2 or 3 years old likes to read. A baby of these ages can enjoy reading and become fond of reading. And even taking an exaggerated attachment to a specific story and asking for it again and again, to the despair of the adult.

To create reading habits in children from 0 to 3 years old, the act of reading must be repeated: only with repetition is habit achieved. Just as, by dint of trying day after day, the time will come when he or she will hold the spoon alone and put the puree in their mouth. What an achievement!

We give you some tips to create reading habit in children from 0 to 3 years old.

The presence of the adult is essential: he gives the voice and the nuances to the story that the story or magazine contains.

In addition, he is a strategist: to make reading an attractive activity for him, you also have to look for the optimal conditions.

What are the bases for creating a reading habit in children?

1. Find a good time in the day, in which the child is calm and not absorbed in other things and the adult has a little time to dedicate himself to it exclusively without, for example, having to do something in the kitchen or answer the phone.

2. Create an atmosphere of relaxation, leisurely. Physical attitudes are important: sit next to him or sit him on your knees, put our arms around him without weighing him down, and slowly open a book, story, or magazine.

3. It is not worth any book, no matter how expensive it is or how prestigious its author and illustrator are. From a very young age, children can show preferences: animals, airplanes, houses, images of other children with whom they feel identified or that make them funny ... You have to cater to your tastes incipient without limiting their possibilities of opening up to other matters.

4. Respect their limited attention span and need for movement. If he gets up and walks away when we are at the best of history, we should not be discouraged. Your reasons will have. We will have to try another day, without obsessing over it.
And we can also do a test: continue reading aloud and modulated, even if he already seems entertained in playing with his favorite doll. Who knows, maybe he'll keep listening to us.

5. Show interest in what we are reading or teaching. The child, even so young, is very sensitive to the attention of his parents. If they show interest in something, he will tend to show interest as well.

6. Bring out the child in us, the actor or actress capable of captivating their audience.. The child will enjoy and the adult will feel enormously rewarded.

Consuelo Cuevas
Chief Editor
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