Dictation for children with the letter V

Spelling mistakes are very common in children who begin to write, but if something is especially difficult for them, it is to put it properly the B and the V. As it is pronounced the same in some countries, children do not know what letter each word is.

There are some spelling rules that can help us avoid making these mistakes, however, the best way to learn these words is reading and dictating.

Here we leave you some of the most common spelling rules and three dictations with the letter V.

There are some basic rules usage of the letter V:

1- After the consonants B, D and N.

2- Verbs whose infinitive has neither B nor V, always go with V.

3- In the words that begin with vice, villa and val (less biceps)

4- In the adjectives and nouns that end in ava, ave, avo, eva, eve, evo, iva, ivo; less Arabic and syllable.

5- In words that begin with N and in words ending in viro, vira, ívoro, íbora; less viper, cloud and turnip.

Here we leave you three dictations with different difficulty levels.

Easy dictation

In a valley lived a dairy cow. Her name was Viviana, and she had big black spots on her belly. She liked it vent going out to the field in the morning, when wind.

I looked out the window and dreamed that I was a traveler who I rode a sailboat and that he was traveling at full speed through various countries, but the truth is that Viviana did not dare to leave her fence, and knew no other people than the cowboy who looked after her.

Medium difficulty

One day a girl named Alba decided to live a adventure. So he decided to blow up a balloon a lot and got on it. She flew and flew carried by the wind that pushed her. He climbed over twenty grazing cows, several owls, and a snake. He left behind several vegetable gardens and a vineyard with many grapes where hundreds of vitamins, and crossed the steam of a ship that was bathing in the sea.

He landed in a valley, and came down from the balloon to discover the neighbors who lived there, but only found empty houses and another traveler who was looking for new adventures.

Difficult difficulty

Marina turned around and went down the old path at full speed. She was a girl with a lot of courage and was looking for a scoundrel that he had poured the wine into his soapy bathtub just as he was about to dip his foot into it. So she dressed in a dress and combed her pretty hair and walked out window looking for it.

He found twenty two old grandparents sitting on a bench on the strip, but none of them had been. He walked on and saw a violinist sell vinegar near his white house, but it wasn't him either.

Finally he reached the end of the fence where the town ended. He stopped to feel the wind on his bright face, and realized that he had come out without boots. Barefoot had advanced down the street but it had been useless, since the man had escaped in a invention that made him fly.

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