The summer cloud. Funny poem for kids

The summer cloud. Funny poem for kids

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The summer cloud, is a fun poem for children to learn to love and enjoy poetry. He tells, throughout his verses, like a summer cloud, little by little he begins to release droplets of water for the animals to look at, but no matter how many drops he released, he could not do so.

An original poetry by Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a that helps us to promote a taste for reading in children. They are funny children's poems that arouse interest in reading.

We invite you to read this original children's poem by the poet Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a. A fun poem that your children will surely like a lot.

In the summer a cloud

shouted looking at the ground,

I wanted to play for a while

and that they look at the sky.

Dropped a drop of water

and to drink it was a little bird,

after quenching your thirst

singing, did not hear the screams.

Released two drops of water

and went to drink a little dog

that wagging the tail

he went barking in little skips.

Released three drops of water

and went to drink a kitten

that moving the whiskers

Meowing he left after a while.

Then released a drop

and a mouse went to bathe,

but he left right away

to gnaw into a corner.

None to heaven looked!

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