Benefits of snowshoes for children

Winter, with the snow and coldIt is no excuse for not leaving home and enjoying excursions in the mountains; what's more, it is an incentive to enjoy a different landscape from the rest of the year.

The mountain in winter offers some incomparable landscapes, an overwhelming silence, and a clean and fresh air that makes us feel the wild nature in all its heyday. Hiding children from these privileges is a mistake, as is thinking that snow only offers skiing or sledding.

In recent years the practice of other alternative winter sportsAs are snowshoes, they have gained many followers.

Snowshoes they are all advantages and it is a very fun, cheap and easy sport to practice with children from 4 years old.

Snowshoes are not an invention of today, but indications have been found that they were already used in the prehistory in the Canadian area to traverse snowy terrain without sinking. His racket shape, wide at the tip, it is not random, but so that our weight is distributed over the entire surface preventing us from submerging in the snow.

The first snowshoes were made of wood and bearskin, and evidently it had the shape of a tennis racket, hence its name in Spanish, because in English they are called snowshoes or snow shoes. Currently rackets no longer have that shape, but have been adapted to be more comfortable And they have a slight shoe shape, wider at the toe than at the heel, but just enough to be able to walk comfortably.

One of his advantage is that we do not need to go to Everest to enjoy it, a little snow accumulated on the roads is enough.

It is about making a short hike through the snow, of a few kilometers, depending on the age and resistance of the child, either on trails prepared for them, trekking routes or entering the adventure through the interior forest, the important thing is to have a good time.

- It's a sport easy to practice, even for the little ones. From the age of 4 we already find rackets of their size.

- We can carry a baby in a carrying backpack with us.

- It is cheap.

- They practice exercise inadvertently.

- They breathe clean air, enjoy nature, snow and spectacular landscapes and roads.

- Is funny and we can stop when we're tired, and turn around at any time.

- Is safe for them. It is not complicated, the trails are usually easy to practice and there is no danger of sinking.

- They can bring their own pace, without having to be demanding with them.

- It helps them to acquire a sense of orientation and respect for nature.

- Although we can do it on our own, it is always better to start with the assistance of a guide may he lead us along a familiar path and let us not worry about the road.

- Go warm, but without excesses. The three layer techniques it's perfect (shirt, sweatshirt and coat), and don't forget a hat, scarf and gloves.

- Better if we help each other Canes to walk.

- Carry one backpack with water and snacks for the children, with some fruit to avoid fatigue.

- Start with simple routes and walking distance.

- Not demanding too much It is better to leave the child wanting more, to be able to repeat the experience, than to saturate him and not want to put the rackets on his feet again.

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