He did not think he was a rose. Poetry for children

Poetry is an excellent resource to stimulate learning to read, improve and increase children's vocabulary, and create emotional bonds. Poetry is an entertaining tool and an important educational resource, especially when it comes to values.

This poetry 'He didn't think he was a rose', authored by the writer Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a, speaks of the need that we all have to accept us as we are, so that we are happy. It teaches that the important thing is, first, to love ourselves. A poetry that deals with self-esteem, self-acceptance.

A very red rose was born,

in a tomato garden,

that's why he always thought,

that although strange, it was a tomato.

The others were round,

she very tall and thin,

and although everyone loved her,

and nobody said anything,

she grew up very self-conscious,

thinking it was very weird.

Two little birds spoke,

one afternoon distracted,

of the flower that between tomatoes

so beautiful had grown.

'Who are you talking about, little birds?

There is no flower here ',

the beautiful rose told them

when talking he heard them

And seeing her so confused

they got her out of her mistake:

'You are a beautiful flower,

that you were born among tomatoes,

Your name is Rosa,

Didn't anyone tell you before? '

The tomatoes looked at her,

They didn't know either!

how it was born among its bushes,

a tomato they believed

The flower stretched out proud,

knowing it was a rose,

but he stayed in the orchard

tall, slim and beautiful.

We suggest some reading comprehension questions about the text of the poem, to make children think and reflect:

1. Who are the protagonists of our poetry?

2. Where do roses grow?

3. Where do tomatoes grow?

4. What is the relationship between the rose and the tomatoes?

5. Do you think the birds acted well by telling the rose the truth?

6. Do you think the rose makes a good decision? What would you have done instead?

7. How do you think the tomatoes would have felt if the rose had gone?

8. How do you think the rose would have felt if it had left?

9. Do you think that being different from others is a problem?

10. Would you feel bad for being different?

11. Would you accept someone different in your environment?

12. Is it important to be loved?

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