What to do for children to organize their room

Being organized can begin as a habit in childhood, and over time, become a very useful virtue in professional life, and even in emotional stability.

But this can seem like a chimera to many mothers when we look into our children's room and see a horrifying image: clothes on the floor; shoes and socks everywhere, toys and books stacked; and the drawers and cabinets ... better not to mention! So we better tell you what to do so that the children organize their room.

Where to start? That is usually the first question and it would be worth finding the answer when they are still young, since the first organizational skills learned in childhood are the seeds that will flourish later, in adolescence and adulthood.

Mothers are often aware of the importance of incorporating not only hygiene, eating and study habits into our children, but also organizational and disciplinary habits, without which it will be difficult to turn them into good men and women; but sometimes it is difficult for us to find the method to achieve it.

In general, children appreciate an orderly home, and this concept is not restricted to everything being in its place. It also refers to a family life with its own rhythm and that it is respectful of habits and customs that are usually inherited from generation to generation. Children need that consistency and discipline, so they can incorporate organizational skills more easily than they appear, although this could be nuanced by the personal traits of each one and the way in which we teach them.

It is important to start educational work from a young age. It is from childhood when we must sow the seed that "after playing, you have to pick up". Then come the days of wanting to bathe and dress alone, choose clothes, shoes ... and that is when we could take the opportunity to incorporate the basic principle of organization: "Everything must have its place and so you can easily find what you are looking for ".

The activity may not be appealing to you at first, but when you get it incorporated into your daily routine, the battle is almost won. Of course, the matter of giving the child his own space implies a creative license to him. That is to say, do not impose how and where to put each thing, rather advise it and give it the opportunity to do it to your liking and make decisions, even wrong ones, which you can later rectify with your help. As children grow older, it is worth expanding their participation in family dynamics, it will no longer be enough to put order in "their place", but they will also be able to participate in other household tasks such as setting and removing the table, cleaning the garden, tend your pet ... As an adult, these tasks will become skills, even when your children make you a grandmother.

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