Tips to avoid bullying children on the Internet

The so-called 'bullying' or bullying through the network is one of the main concerns of parents when their children become young Internet users.

The truth is that this type of bullying of children on the Internet is very frequent. According to a study presented at the annual meeting of Academic Societies of Pediatrics In Washington, in this country 16% of high school students have been victims of 'bullying', one in six in the last year. For this reason it is essential to follow some advice within the family environment that prevents children from suffering from this problem.

Cyberbullying or cyberbullying is a type of psychological aggression, maintained in time, which is carried out through new technologies. In general, this type of harassment includes that in which both the victims and the harassers are minors.

It is essential to prevent children from falling into this type of aggression that parents know the activities of their children on the Internet, both on family computers and on computers. mobiles and tablets, always promoting the good use of new technologies and warning of the dangers of misuse.

The website, belonging to the United States Government, offers several tips for parents and relatives, who seek to prevent minors from being victims of this type of aggression online:

1. Install programs to monitor behavior of young people online and tell children that parents have a responsibility to review their interactions when appropriate.

2. Teach children to do not share photos or videos that could cause problems if they are seen by other people, especially strangers.

3. Follow the children in social media or ask another trusted adult to do so to keep track of their activities.

4. Explain that it is important for them to inform their parents if they are victims of cyberbullying so that they can receive help.


  • Pediatric Academic Societies

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