Rebotín is happy. Modern fable for children

Rebotín is happy. Modern fable for children

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Rebotín is a bunny who has broken his leg, so he is very angry and he does not stop complaining about everything ...

Bounce gets happy It is a modern fable for children very suitable for your children to understand the few benefits of complaining all day, while looking at things with optimism can have many advantages.

That a child be the day complaining It is normal since it is their way of telling you that they do not agree with what you are saying, the problem is that if you do not stop these complaints in time it can become a ‘Chronic complainer’.

We help you get rid of your child's complaints with this modern fable for children.

When the bouncing rabbit he broke his leg, Dr. Topo put it on his plaster and ordered him to rest for a week.

Bouncing was so angry that began to be said:

- What bad luck I have!

- These things only happen to me!

- I'm a clumsy!

- Who told me to jump from the wall?

And then the bunny kept complaining more and more, each time his mother came to see him:

- I'm hot, I'm cold, I don't like my bed, the soup is bland, I'm bored, my cast itches ...

The mother was tired of bouncing attitude, so he sat on the corner of his bed and proposed:

- Do you want us to do a treatment?

- Which one? - Asked the bunny, intrigued.

- If you stop growling, whimpering, lamenting and protesting, I will prepare a rich, delicious and exquisite snack for your friends.

- Okay, but ... How can I stop complaining, if I've already taken a run?

- Observing all the good that you have around you, for example: this carrot juice that I brought you.

- Good, Mom! it is my favorite!

- See? You have already started on the right track.

Then Rebotín noticed that he was doing a sunny day, when a lot of light was coming into his room, when a blue butterfly had crept through his window, when it was very funny to watch it fly and when someone was whistling a very beautiful melody.

The rest is not so bad - thought Rebotín - I will take advantage of it to paint with my colored pencils and thus, little by little, he became happy.

When the mother returned, she found him smiling and said:

- Good work, Rebotín, I'm going to warn your friends.

MORALEJA: If you only cry your sorrows, you miss the good things.

To find out if your child has a good reading comprehension of this fable, you can do these simple questions.

Reading comprehension is an important step in the learning to read of the children, since the comprehension of the complete text is the objective of the reading.

- How did Bounce's leg break?

- What animal was Rebotín?

- Why was he so angry?

- How did your mother convince you to be happy?

- What do you think is better: be happy or angry?

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